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Community Recognition Statement - Clear Sky Solar Investments Ltd

It was a pleasure to attend the 10-year anniversary celebration for Clear Sky Solar Investments Ltd at the Four Pines Brewery in Brookvale on 21 February. This small, committed group has achieved extraordinary success raising over $20 million in funding from community investors for solar photovoltaic systems on commercial roofs around Australia.

Together they have supported 83 solar projects to get off the ground, totalling 18 megawatts of solar, all while returning profits to their investors. The team at Clear Sky Solar Investments Ltd have been absolute trailblazers in community energy. Big congratulations go to the visionary and tireless team behind Clear Sky Solar Investments Ltd: Warren Yates, Christina Kirsch, Neale Siebert and Kylie Hitchman. I thank them for their leadership. It is only upwards from here. Clear Sky Solar Investments Ltd is currently looking for investors for new projects. Investing in a Clear Sky Solar Investments project means directly powering Australia's transition to renewable energy and getting a great return on investment.

19th March 2024, 22:48

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