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Vibrant communities

Wakehurst has beautiful natural spaces and a connected, vibrant community. Let’s keep it that way.

  • The Forest area could be a landmark community precinct. Let’s ensure the re-zoning of Frenchs Forest creates a vibrant urban centre with fantastic public amenities.
  • Let’s protect Lizard Rock and ensure that no crown land is sold off to private interests.
  • Let’s ensure our sporting and recreation spaces are well maintained and upgraded for our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Let’s make sure Manly Dam is properly protected. 

Lower energy bills

The cheapest source of energy is right on our doorsteps. Let’s turn it on and spread the benefits.

  • Let’s make solar energy affordable by offering every household an interest-free $15,000 loan to install panels without a salary cap or a postcode qualification.
  • Let’s innovate and create jobs by making our area the first solar hub in NSW with community batteries.
  • Let’s ensure we have enough EV infrastructure for our community.
  • Let’s scale up our successful power partnership to all of NSW businesses, helping them to source 100% renewable energy and potentially use the purchasing power of Northern Beaches Council to lower the prices for every business.

Affordable housing options

We need more creative solutions to affordable local housing for all – essential workers, downsizers, first home owners.

There is unmet demand and a crisis in affordable housing in our local area. From young families to essential workers and older locals wanting to downsize and stay close to family it impacts all of us now and into the future.

As your State MP, I commit myself and my team to focussing on this issue, working with the Local Council and Federal Government to deliver for our entire community.

Let’s ensure any housing development is matched with adequate infrastructure planning and is considerate of social, environmental and heritage concerns.

Fix the bottlenecks

It’s time to prioritise the upgrade of Wakehurst Parkway and address congestion along Pittwater Road. Let’s get back the public transport services we lost on key routes during Covid.

  • Let’s ease congestion by getting back the public service routes we lost when transport was privatised and scaled back during COVID without consultation.
  • Let’s implement the very successful ride-on-demand platform in Pittwater to get people home from main route bus stops.
  • Let’s work with all levels of Government to fix known bottlenecks, starting with the intersection outside Office Works in Dee Why. Imagine no traffic lights at that intersection. The plans exist, thanks to NB Council and Infrastructure Australia. The State and Federal Governments just need to fund it.

Climate protection

Let’s face it. Increasingly frequent and severe storms are having significant impacts here and across the State. We can’t bury our heads in the sand over climate disruption.

Let’s plan for it.

  • Let’s end uncertainty and put proper State planning laws and sensible processes in place to protect our communities from coastal erosion, flooding and bushfires – without creating knock-on environmental impacts.
  • Have an informed, local voice at the table when it comes to infrastructure – from protecting private property to public beaches – so that we can fund effective solutions and lead by example.

Health and education

Let’s get behind our nurses and teachers who have done such an amazing job during COVID and support their demands for safer staff ratios, improved working conditions and better pay. And let’s ensure we provide equal opportunities to build a caring, inclusive society

  • Let’s fund and support our vital healthcare workers, our local mental health, and NDIS services
  • Let’s invest in our local public schools that have delivered impressive improvements over the past five years, putting us at the centre of learning achievement
  • Let’s promote respectful treatment and diversity in public office and the workplace
  • Improve the wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ people by funding healthcare and crisis support