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Michael Regan’s support in the event of a ‘Hung’ Parliament

Independent Candidate for Wakehurst, Michael Regan, has not had any discussions with any political party about who he would support in the event of a hung Parliament after the election on March 25.

“There have been no discussions and certainly no agreements made” he said.

In the event of a hung Parliament, Michael will support the leader who can best provide fair and stable Government for the people of NSW. 

“If fortunate enough to be elected as the Member for Wakehurst on 25 March, and if faced with the prospect of having the ‘balance of power’ I would welcome the opportunity to meet with both leaders before making any decision” Michael said.

“The people of New South Wales deserve a Government that will provide stability and fairness and I will be looking closely at the election results and the policy platforms of both parties to form a decision” says Michael.

“But most importantly – I’ll be looking at which party will provide the best policy positions and the best outcomes for the people of Wakehurst.”

“Let’s see where we land on election day. I’ve got a tough fight on my hands between now and then and I don’t have the resources of a major party. For the last 14 years that I’ve been serving as Mayor, I’ve always relied on the support of my local community for campaigning. I am humbled and grateful for their support.”

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