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Notice of Motion - Officeworks Intersection

Prioritising Road upgrade at Pittwater and Warringah Road Intersection

Mr Speaker, on the next sitting day, I will move that this house.  One, notes that the Officeworks where Warringah Roads meets Pittwater Road,

is a dangerous and time wasting bottleneck which keeps Wakehurst residents sitting in traffic for too long. Two, notes that the corridor between North Sydney and the Northern Beaches is one of the five most congested roads in Sydney. Three, notes that a costed proposal exists to separate Pittwater and Warringah roads at this intersection, allowing traffic to flow freely. Four, calls on the NSW and federal government to keep the upgrade of the Officeworks intersection on the Priority Infrastructure List and for all levels of government to collaborate to get it done.

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Response to Swansea MP Motion - Bus Privatisation

August 03, 2023

Ms YASMIN CATLEY (Swansea—Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism): I move: That this House: (1) Notes that the Government has launched the Bus Industry Taskforce, to address the devastating impacts privatisation has had on networks across the State, including in the electorate of Swansea. (2) Notes that...

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Private Members' Statements - Rooftop Solar Systems

August 03, 2023

I have long been an advocate for accelerating the uptake of rooftop solar, and I want as many households and businesses as possible to enjoy the benefits of the transformative, miraculous technology that captures abundant sunlight from otherwise unused roof space and turns it...

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