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Petition - Random Breath Testing

Thank you to the NRMA for bringing the petition forward and making it happen. As a proud NRMA member for over 30 years, I declare an interest, but this is the kind of advocacy I want to see from my membership and from my NRMA.

I offer a sincere thank you to the member for Orange for bringing the petition forward and taking carriage of it. One of our roles in this Chamber is to show leadership, work together, work across the floor and create solutions. After talking to many police and local area commanders whom I am familiar with, I sincerely believe there are some very simple solutions we can very quickly work together on and put forward.

I offer an opportunity to the Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism to get together, put a time line of 12 months on this and get some stuff done, because it is a serious issue. We know that random breath testing works. We know it is a critical part of road safety. It is key to road safety and saving lives, and we need to make sure we do not lose sight of that. I am offering the opportunity to work together on this and put a simple time line on it, because there are some simple solutions. I cannot offer enough thanks to the uniformed police who do the work on this and to the NRMA for putting forward the petition and highlighting the issue. As you can hear, we all take it seriously. We all know there are solutions, and we want to get on with it and fix the problem. Thank you again to the member for Orange for bringing the petition forward.


14 March 2024, 16:21

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