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Wakehurst Parkway Funding Confirmed!

A win for the Wakehurst community!

In response to my first question as Wakehurst’s Independent MP in NSW State Parliament today, Transport Minister Jo Haylen confirmed that the Wakehurst Parkway will receive critical funding promised to help both mitigate flooding, and complete long needed safety upgrades to the road.

Minister Haylen, who spoke on behalf of Roads Minister John Graham, unequivocally affirmed that an additional $13 million, on top of what has already been committed, will be allocated to Northern Beaches Council to facilitate the timely completion of flood mitigation works.

I am also delighted to share that the previously committed sum of $75 million has also been confirmed to enhance safety and capacity along the Parkway. Minister Haylen explicitly expressed the Government’s intention to closely engage with our community ahead of the works, acknowledging that unavoidable but necessary disruptions will be created.

Following some Liberal Party misinformation around the funding, it is heartening that the new Government has officially confirmed this funding for our community. The long-overdue attention the Wakehurst Parkway will now receive comes after decades of neglect and inaction from governments of all persuasions.

The upgrades to the Wakehurst Parkway are something I have pushed for both as Mayor of the Northern Beaches Council and during the NSW election. Now that funding has been confirmed, the works should begin as soon as is practical.

I would like to acknowledge the Minns Government for their commitment, and for not taking us for granted. I pledged to hold this government to account and to collaborate with them in good faith – and will continue to do both over the next four years. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Northern Beaches Council for their cooperation in ensuring the prompt and effective implementation of these upgrades. This remarkable triumph truly belongs to our community – what a win for the community.

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