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Buses Update

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey regarding the Wakehurst community’s bus services. Your responses have been heard and I understand the frustrations expressed by commuters waiting in long B-Line queues. 

Based on your feedback, the top issues are:

  • Bus cancellations

  • Not enough buses and routes

  • Late buses

  • School buses (eg late or full school buses, and permanently cancelled PSSA buses)

  • Cancelled routes

  • Privatisation, and

  • KeoRide (on Demand)


Working to address these concerns is a key priority for me

I am having ongoing discussions with the Transport Minister about the need to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve bus services in Wakehurst and across the state. 

I am encouraged by the government’s progress in establishing the Bus Industry Taskforce, which will thoroughly investigate the current problems and make recommendations about the most effective solutions. I will be participating in this inquiry, keeping Wakehurst updated about its progress and holding the government to account around timeframes and deliverables.

The government and I are committed to resolving the issues caused by the existing bus services contracts, in particular with Keolis Downer, which was put in place by the former State Government, and has led to the above problems for Wakehurst residents. 

To ensure that bus services better align with the needs of residents and businesses of Wakehurst, I have been advocating for the following:

1. Reliable and regular services: Restoring reliability must be the number one focus.

Regularity is also so important, but when people plan their lives for scheduled services that don’t show up or are late, this is unacceptably disruptive. It must be fixed.

2. Additional bus drivers: Most of the above concerns are caused by not enough bus drivers. Whether it is pay and conditions, local affordable housing or other creative solutions, we need to attract and keep bus drivers. 

3. Contract Review: To thoroughly review and renegotiate (where contractually possible) the existing contract with Keolis Downer, to work on short term solutions to address contract flaws inherited from the previous government.

4. Community Consultation: The Bus Industry Taskforce, the Transport Minister and Transport for NSW need to hear from local commuters such as yourselves, bus drivers, the mechanics, and Keolis Downer, to better understand all their needs and concerns.

Premier Chris Minns has stated, "Our goal is to ensure that the people of the Northern Beaches have access to efficient, reliable, and comfortable public transport.

We will work closely with Keolis Downer to address the current issues and develop a public transport system that truly meets the needs of our growing community."  You can be assured that as your independent member of parliament, I will hold him to account on that statement.

I will also continue my engagement with the Minister directly, Keolis Downer and Transport for NSW, so they hear the voice of the people of Wakehurst and understand the urgency around this issue. 

There are many things to do that have been requested, but not listed.  I will keep you updated.  Be assured we are making progress.  What we have inherited is worse than we thought.  That just makes me more determined to help get this sorted.

Thank you again for your valuable input, and I assure you that we will continue to work towards, and keep you updated on, improving bus services in Wakehurst. 




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