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Community Recognition Statement - Cancer Council Stars of the Beaches Dance Gala

I commend the fantastic efforts of those involved in the 2023 Cancer Council's Stars of the Beaches dance gala. This spectacular event spotlighted nine local lunatics—sorry, legends—who not only embraced the art of dance but also played a pivotal role in fundraising for the Cancer Council, directly benefiting all of our northern beaches community and indeed that of New South Wales. 

Over a 10‑week period, these dedicated individuals, paired with professional dance instructors, crafted impressive routines and highlighted their commitment to an incredibly important cause. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Linda Petrone, Carol Reid, Michelle Dube, Gemma Keane with Sheena Umphray, Tanya Joy, Aimee Woolley, Claire Egbers, Adam Moore, and Councillor Sarah Grattan, who alone raised over $8,000 and was honoured with the judges' choice award as well. The contribution of all participants, organisers and supporters was invaluable. They have the gratitude and admiration of the entire northern beaches community, not just Wakehurst. Well done.

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