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Community Recognition Statement - Lily Nicotra

I am delighted to acknowledge Lily Nicotra, who attends Killarney Heights High School in Wakehurst. I had the huge pleasure of recently sponsoring Lily in The Y's Youth Parliament program, which sat here in the Chamber last month. 

Lily speaks with great passion and commitment about her chosen interests of mental health and dyslexia-affected senior students—who knew that was a thing? But not content to leave it there, Lily has also arranged for me to visit Killarney Heights High School next month and meet with her fellow students who wish to raise their own concerns and engage with me as their representative in Australia's oldest Parliament. Lily has an amazing story to tell about her struggles with dyslexia and being a high-achieving student, as well as the difficulties in public schools versus private schools. I look forward to helping her progress that issue and sort it out once and for all, and I highly commend Lily. I will not be at all surprised if one day she is the member for Wakehurst.

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