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Community Recognition Statement - Wakehurst

In my first community recognition statement I acknowledge the positive 2023 State election campaign in the electorate of Wakehurst.

Democracy works best when people get involved by nominating, volunteering and engaging as citizens. I thank all the volunteers who gave their time and talents to support my independent campaign. We did good. I also thank the other candidates who ran for the seat of Wakehurst and their volunteers. I love that we had a range of views and opinions to choose from on election day. It is a big deal to put one's name on a ballot paper, and I respect all those who do so. I thank Sue Wright, Susan Sorensen, Ethan Hrnjak, Toby Williams and Greg Mawson. Democracy is alive and well in Wakehurst and, indeed, in this State. I acknowledge the groups that organised candidate forums and events that gave the people of Wakehurst the opportunity to meet and ask questions of candidates, including Northern Beaches Climate Action Network and Voices of Warringah. I acknowledge the local media, which provided great coverage. The 2023 election campaign in Wakehurst was exciting, positive and people powered. The seat of Wakehurst will never be taken for granted again.

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Response to Swansea MP Motion - Bus Privatisation

August 03, 2023

Ms YASMIN CATLEY (Swansea—Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism): I move: That this House: (1) Notes that the Government has launched the Bus Industry Taskforce, to address the devastating impacts privatisation has had on networks across the State, including in the electorate of Swansea. (2) Notes that...

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Private Members' Statements - Rooftop Solar Systems

August 03, 2023

I have long been an advocate for accelerating the uptake of rooftop solar, and I want as many households and businesses as possible to enjoy the benefits of the transformative, miraculous technology that captures abundant sunlight from otherwise unused roof space and turns it...

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