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Community Recognition Statement - Wakehurst HSC Students

I extend my best wishes and congratulations to all HSC students in Wakehurst and across New South Wales as they embark on their exams. The next weeks will undoubtedly be full of excitement, anticipation and some nervousness. During this time, it is important to acknowledge that uncertainty about the future is entirely normal and acceptable.

Not everyone has a clear vision of their career path immediately following school, and that is perfectly okay. Success is not only defined by exam results, and life presents numerous paths and opportunities. The journey ahead may not always be linear but it promises adventure, learning and growth. But they should be careful as they may end up in Parliament. The hard work, resilience and determination of our students have brought them to this moment, and those qualities will continue to guide them through life. They should embrace this time with confidence and an open mind for it is merely one moment in their unique and inspiring story. Students should make sure they thank their teachers. We know how hard they work for our students. Students should make sure they feel appreciated and thank their parents; that is for Alex. I wish all HSC students the best of luck—you've got this.

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