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Community Recognition Statement - Women & Children First

Today I acknowledge and commend the indispensable work of Women and Children First under the exceptional leadership of CEO Gabrielle Morrisey and its chair, Mayor Sue Heins. Women and Children First has served our community since 1974.

It soon evolved, launching refuges and providing sanctuary for women and children fleeing domestic violence. The organisation is enhancing its capacity to offer crucial support to vulnerable families. In 2020, amidst the extraordinary further challenges of COVID‑19, Women and Children First rebranded and forged a vital partnership with Royal Far West, establishing a safe house to respond to escalating needs. This not‑for‑profit entity epitomises strength and compassion, with a vision that resonates deeply within our community to ensure that women, children and families are not only safe and secure but also connected and empowered. Its tireless efforts have found pathways for countless lives over decades, fostering hope and resilience. I urge my community to continue to support and thank Women and Children First, acknowledging its invaluable contribution to fostering a society where safety and opportunity are accessible. Let's eliminate domestic violence.

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