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NSW should follow Victoria's lead and transition to all-electric homes

I was disappointed to hear Premier Chris Minns rule out implementing a plan to transition NSW households away from gas to an all-electric future earlier this week. While there may be powerful vested interests who want gas to become a dominant feature of our state’s energy system, the reality is fully electric homes are cheaper to run, are healthier for families and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At a time when cost of living pressures are impacting people throughout NSW, implementing a plan to electrify our homes is a powerful way the Minns Government could help people to reduce their energy bills.  In fact, according to modelling done by the Climate Council, electrifying homes could save homeowners in NSW over $900 each year. While for household with solar panels, these savings would be even greater.

It’s important to recognise that we are not going to immediately switch off NSW’s gas supply - nor is anyone proposing that.  However the Minns Government must recognise the role that gas is playing in both the climate crisis, and the cost of living crisis that is impacting NSW, and deliver a plan for an all-electric future.

The NSW Labor Government should develop a plan that outlines a roadmap to electrify NSW.  I want to see this plan developed quickly and for it to represent a serious effort to move away from gas to cheaper and cleaner forms of energy.  I am ready and willing to help make this plan a priority.


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