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Community Recognition Statement - Sue Fairless: Extraordinary Northern Beaches Bus Driver

Sue Fairless is a remarkable woman who has served the Northern Beaches community on our buses since 1964. Starting out as a conductress, Sue was one of the original agitators who pushed for the right for women to be bus drivers. 

In 1971, she became the second female driver at the Brookvale Depot and is still driving buses today! Sue was promoted up the ranks from conductress, to driver, to depot officer and radio room controller at the Brookvale Depot. She also had two children and continued to drive buses whilst pregnant, which was radical for the time. Sue retired in 2008, but later returned to work as a part-time driver. She was drawn back behind the wheel by the camaraderie with colleagues, the connection with bus passengers and the varied opportunities the role gave her. On behalf of all the bus passengers who travelled with her over the decades, we thank Sue for her extraordinary service, getting people where they need to go on the beaches for 60 years- an incredible innings and not out yet! Sue is an inspiration and demonstrates the rewarding career that awaits as a bus driver.

18 June 2024.

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