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Community Recognition Statement - Meghan Bassett

Today I commend Meghan Bassett, a Marist Catholic College teacher from Beacon Hill, who received a world teachers' recognition award from the Teachers' Guild of New South Wales, for her commitment to and excellence in teaching. 

Meghan works with both students and teachers, to help them harness their best qualities. She applies differentiated teaching strategies to extend the knowledge, skills and capabilities of all students in every class and helps teachers to master their craft. Early last year, Meghan was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, because Meghan's cancer was caught early, her prognosis is very positive, and Meghan is recovering well from her treatment. Meghan would like to raise awareness of the critical importance of early detection, which not only saves lives but also reduces the duration and impact of the treatment process. I share Meghan's passion for raising awareness for early detection and thank her for her passion in helping her students and fellow teachers.

14 March 2024, 16:50

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