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Community Recognition Statement - Teachers Re-engage

Today I acknowledge the nearly 150 former teachers across New South Wales who have taken up the Government's offer of the Teachers Re-engage program to help alleviate the ongoing teacher shortage crisis.

One such teacher is Laura Monk who left the profession after battling through the gruelling COVID-19 pandemic years, which left countless teachers in burnout. Laura has returned this year and accepted the call as a full-time teacher for year 3 at Forestville Public School in my electorate. I thank Laura. While this program may not be a silver bullet for resolving the persistent teaching staff issues in schools across the State, it is another important tool in our arsenal. I know many teachers are struggling with high workloads and stress, so I commend all those returning to our classrooms statewide in the name of supporting the vital education of our young people. To all our teachers, I say, "Thank you. You are all amazing and doing an amazing job."

15 May 2024, 18:54

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