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Community Recognition Statement - Aleta Wassell

During Reconciliation Week I extend heartfelt recognition and appreciation to an exceptional member of our community, Aleta Wassell. Aleta, a local Indigenous artist, has made an indelible mark on our community through her extraordinary design of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 2023 Indigenous Round jersey. 

That jersey not only captures the essence of our nation's rich Indigenous heritage but also embodies the spirit of unity and community that is so integral to our reconciliation journey. Aleta's vision was to create a design that resonated with every individual, regardless of their background, and she has succeeded in doing so spectacularly. Aleta's commitment to ensuring that the jersey truly reflects our community is commendable. It is crucial that we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of individuals like Aleta Wassell, who use their artistic talent and cultural knowledge to foster understanding, respect and unity. And she can sing. I express my deepest gratitude to Aleta for her remarkable artistic contribution to our community. May we all be inspired by Aleta's dedication and continue to work together to build a future that embraces reconciliation, inclusivity and harmony.

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