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February 2024 eNewsletter

Hi Wakehurst!


Michael Regan here, wishing you a fantastic start to 2024 with this new-look newsletter. I hope your year kicked off with loads of positivity and that you're as pumped as I am for what's ahead.


Let's dive into some of the awesome stuff happening around our neck of the woods:


  • Huge win for our coast: We've done it! Petroleum and mineral exploration is now a no-go in NSW. It's a huge step towards protecting our beautiful state and a victory we should all be proud of. 


  • 2024 Sun Run: We got our sneakers ready for another epic run from Dee Why to Manly alongside 7,000 people. Whether you were sprinting, jogging, or rolling with us, it was a great day of fun and community spirit. 


  • Royal Far West Visit: I recently had the pleasure of visiting Royal Far West in Manly. It's incredible to see the vital support they provide to kids from rural and regional NSW. Their dedication is truly inspiring. I recently had the pleasure of hosting the Minister for Health along with some of my crossbench colleagues to Royal Far West, read below to find out more!


  • New EV Chargers from Alchemy: In more great news, Alchemy is changing the game for electric vehicle owners and a big leap forward in our journey to a greener future. If you live an apartment block and want to own an EV but strata have prevented that, then you must read this. 


  • Kaddy Disability Transport: Volunteers are needed for this fantastic local service. Is this something you can help with?


  • First sitting week of 2024: Parliament returned this week. Be sure to read below to keep up to speed with what's been going on. It was a big and positive first week back.


Here's to a year filled with health, happiness, and heaps of community spirit. Let's make 2024 the best one yet!



Huge Win for the Community
Offshore Petroleum and Mineral Exploration Banned in NSW

Following a collaborative effort and teaming up with fellow independents Alex Greenwich and Judy Hannon, we've finally seen the NSW Government kick off a game-changing move: banning sea-bed drilling and mining in NSW!

They're amending the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to make sure development stays in line with what our communities have been shouting for.

I've been at the forefront of the fight against turning our stunning NSW coast into a mining site. With this new law, we're making it crystal clear - no offshore drilling or mining on our watch.


I did throw my support behind a similar move by the NSW Coalition, even though it was set up a bit differently. But then, the Environment and Planning Committee dug up some issues that could've led to big headaches (think of the Scomo saga with his five ministries!).


Big shoutout to everyone in the community and all the groups that didn't let up the pressure. We've scored a massive win!


And props to Ministers Paul Scully and Penny Sharpe for making this happen.


Congratulations and well done Wakehurst!

Parliament Updates

Last week was the first sitting week back in NSW Parliament. I spent the week reconnecting with parliamentary colleagues, meeting with decision makers on key issues, making the most of my opportunities to speak in the chamber and reviewing government legislation coming through the House.


Some highlights were: 

  • The Government introducing and second reading their Bill to prohibit offshore mining for seabed mining and exploration, sending the clearest message yet that PEP11 is a total no-go


  • Meeting with Hannah Tonkin, the NSW Women’s Safety Commissioner, to discuss how we can work together to make progress to eliminate family and domestic violence


  • Meeting with Minister Jackson to discuss next steps on my plan for 50% affordable housing on the new Frenchs Forest Town Centre site 


In the chamber, I moved a notice of motion on the need for more basketball courts on the Northern Beaches. I am drawing attention to this shortfall through my online petition, which you can sign here.


In my Private Members Statement, I reflected on the challenges of the high cost of housing in Sydney right now, particularly for young people. New research this week found that fewer than half the children born in Sydney today will ever be able to buy a home here. That’s why I support the intent of the government’s proposed changes to housing density in strategic locations. However, I do have serious concerns about how these changes will impact the Northern Beaches and am working with the government to get the balance right.


I have made no secret that I think there should be more than just the 15 sitting weeks currently scheduled for this year. In any case, I will be using every opportunity I have to advocate for Wakehurst, and the issues you care about, when in Parliament. All my parliamentary speeches are available in full on my website.  

Spotlight on Royal Far West

It was great to visit Royal Far West, hosting the NSW Health Minister and some awesome Independent MPs from the NSW crossbench. This spot is a gem on the Northern Beaches, and for 100 years, it's been a lifeline for kids from rural and regional NSW, bringing them here for treatment and doing outreach back in their communities.

Guess what! They help over 1,000 kids and their families every year. That's huge.

It's all about getting the right help, at the right time, especially for our young ones from the bush where finding good health services can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Royal Far West is doing amazing things, growing and changing to meet health needs for country kids and their families. But, the demand for their physical and mental health services is sky-high and they're struggling to keep up.

The Independent MPs who came by represent huge rural areas and are big fans of Royal Far West.

They're with us in wanting to see this fantastic service get even more support and expansion from the NSW Government. Let's cheer them on!

2024 Sun Run

Hope it's not just me still feeling the burn from the Sun Run from Dee Why to Manly on the weekend! 


I joined the 'Wheel Eagles' wheelchair basketball crew and, wow, did we have a blast or what! Everyone smashed the 7km course like champs. Apparently, I kept them all in fits of laughter. I didn’t ask why 😊 


This year's Sun Run was off the charts, with over 7,000 people from all over joining in. Massive shoutout to Northern Beaches Council, the sponsors, and all the incredible volunteers who kept things rolling without a hitch.


A big high five to all you awesome runners who hit the pavement with us! 

Game-Changing EV Chargers

Ever wanted to own an electric vehicle but can’t because you live in a strata building? Problem solved!


I checked out an impressive local start up in Brookvale called Alchemy Charge who have developed a product to make it easy for anyone living in unit blocks to trickle charge their EV. 


By simply converting an existing power point to an Alchemy Charge SmartPoint (for as little as $250 plus the cost of an electrician to install) you can use your own charging cable and pay for the precise amount of electricity you use. Not Strata, and no expensive power upgrades required


Download the app, set it up, scan the QR code on the SmartPoint and you are away!


Game changer? Because the cost is billed directly to the user and not the strata body. Very clever.


Thank you Yasemin and Merich for having us. You can learn more on their website, including watching their cool demo video. Check them out here!


Kaddy Disability Transport

I want to give a big round of applause to Kaddy Transport in Dee Why for their amazing work.


Since 1980, when Val Rayward kicked things off after polio changed her life, Kaddy has been a lifeline. For over 40 years, they've helped thousands of people who need a little extra support getting to their doctor's appointments or just out and about, all for free.


Yep, you heard that right – no charge, thanks to some awesome volunteer drivers and the generosity of sponsors like Dee Why RSL.


We've got to take a moment to remember Allan Hale, a true Kaddy legend, who sadly passed away in 2022. He had been with Kaddy since 1983, even earning an Order of Australia for his dedication. Allan was behind the wheel helping people out until just a week before he passed.


And let's not forget Barbara Smith, the backbone of Kaddy's office, who's hanging up her hat after decades of dedication.


But here's the thing – with these heroes no longer at the helm, Kaddy's in a bit of a pickle. They really need new volunteers, especially drivers, to keep the wheels turning.


So, we're putting out the call: if you've got a bit of time and a lot of heart, Kaddy could use your help to keep this incredible service going. Let's band together and keep Kaddy rolling. Your help could make a huge difference!

I'm Here To Help You

My office is open from 9am - 5pm weekdays.

You can drop by in person (Shop 3, 637 Pittwater Road Dee Why)

You can also contact me and the team on

9981 1111 or [email protected]  


You can also follow me on:






Until next time Wakehurst!

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